Working in the nonprofit sector means we focus on wealth and charitable donations, while juggling sustainability, investments, and the future. Today w...View Details

Productivity tools are always helpful, but sometimes it feels like the product is running you instead of you running the product. Today we are talking...View Details

Entrepreneurship and You

You have a brilliant idea, but how do you bring it to market? Today we are talking to Gauri Manglik, CEO & Co-Founder of Instrumentl, a tool for n...View Details

Grant Makers Gone Right

We spend many episodes dreaming of the way we WISH funders would operate - and today we are flipping the script. Learn about funders who are doing thi...View Details

Your Fundraising HayDay cohosts are big believers that reading is a vital component to quality writing skills. We share what reading does for your voc...View Details

If you work in the nonprofit profession, you will interact with your organization's board of directors. They are instrumental in your fundraising effo...View Details

Whether you develop grant proposals or work with donors, we are all storytellers. And it's vital that we share the same messages about our organizatio...View Details

Dana Schuler Drummond has a long and storied career in the field of grants and fundraising. She writes grant proposals; she teaches nonprofit courses ...View Details

Dear funders, we appreciate when you offer a grant workshop. It is ALWAYS helpful to learn more about an upcoming application process and have the opp...View Details

Capital Campaign Tips

These days, grant professionals and fundraisers are often asked to tag team on capital campaigns. When raising a significant amount of money in a set ...View Details

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