Good Enough Now

The work is piling up - grant deadlines, conference presentations, a new capital campaign, the next fundraising gala, and other duties as assigned. Yo...View Details

You know the drill. A funder asks a series of questions, then gives you anywhere from 100 to 1,000 CHARACTERS to answer each question. When you have a...View Details

Sure, we all speak English, but are we talking about the same thing? Fundraising is not an exclusively American thing, so we are talking to our friend...View Details

Grants Gone Wrong

It's the Fundraising HayDay annual episode that is ripped from the headlines. We are talking grant fraud stories and the consequences that happen when...View Details

Most every grant proposal requires the creation of goal(s) and objective(s) to demonstrate the change your program will bring about during the grant p...View Details

It's not unusual to specialize in a specific field of the grant profession. So how do you determine which one fits your career? The best way is to lea...View Details

Whether you are a one-woman grant office, a consultant with a slew of sub-contractors, or a giant grant team, there are always a million tasks that mu...View Details

Last episode we spoke about the whys in grant - as in why do grant applications have such limited character counts to complicated questions and why ar...View Details

If you have spent any time preparing a grant proposal, managing a grant program, or dealt with the many requirements centered around grant funding, yo...View Details

Everyone wants grant money for their organization, and why not? It helps fund programs, staffing, infrastructure, equipment, and so much more. But to ...View Details

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